What Can Be Decentralized Will Be Decentralized- LeoFinance Case Study

Jarau Moses
6 min readAug 5, 2021


So I was scrolling through my Facebook and this memory popped up on my timeline!

I do not spend much time on Facebook these days, but once in a while when I receive a message notification from friends, I am tempted to reply and scroll through the boring newsfeed!

As you can all read on the image below, it says

Anything that can be decentralized will be decentralized!

So Facebook reminded me that I once wrote this 3 fucking years ago around the time I was getting excited about decentralization through the old blockchain Steemit

I do not know exactly what inspired me to make that particular Facebook post back then, but it was a true statement which we are all seeing manifesting now.

If you look at the crypto space right now almost everything that can be decentralized is being decentralized.

The closest example of the power of decentralization is the constantly growing Defi platforms.

Defi is just basically decentralized finance whereby whatever can be done on traditional finance(banks) like taking loans, lending, earning interest and the rest is now being done in the crypto space and even much better.

You can check out one of my favourite Defi platforms cubdefi.com where I stake and my rewards are autocompounded!

If you are an observant person, then you should have seen a lot of stuff going on in the crypto space whereby lots of things are being decentralized.

You just have to make a simple Google search on Decentralized applications.

We already have many on the Hive blockchain like @threespeak which is a decentralized video sharing platform.

In today's post, I will talk about a platform called LeoFinance which might be the platform you are reading this post from now!

LeoFinance is Decentralizing Crypto News and Experiences!

Let me explain what I mean by this in the next few paragraphs below.
When I just joined the crypto apace in mid-2017, my only source of crypto news and information was mostly Coindesk and Cointelegraph!

I used to visit these websites daily to keep abreast of what is happening in the crypto space.

These two crypto news websites and others were considered the only experts in the crypto space.

I really enjoyed their news and info until Leofinance entered the picture!

As my title states, what can be decentralized will be decentralized, crypto news has been decentralized through Leofinance.

I do not remember the last time I last visited Coindesk and Cointelegraph. It has really been long ever since I checked their news.

I was tempted to check them out after writing the above paragraph just to see how they are fairing and what kind of news they have haha.

As I was scrolling through Coindesk right now I saw this post talking of why web 3.0 tokens might be the next hot trade in cryptocurrencies something which many people on Hive have been talking about especially @taskmaster4450.

You can check out @taskmaster4450’s latest article talking about how social tokens will be the biggest cryptocurrency market soon. The Coindesk article and this article by Taskmaster have a lot in common.

Remember one article is from a widely recognized crypto website Condesk and the other article is from a decentralized platform Leofinance!

So when I say that whatever that can be decentralized will be decentralized this is what I mean folks.

I do not have to visit Coindesk to know that Web 3.0 tokens will skyrocket soon when already our own @taskmaster4450 has written about this same topic on Leofinance several times!

Another reason why Leofinance is decentralizing crypto news and experiences is that literally anyone can sign up for a free account and post their own version of crypto news and experiences from their locality.

I personally do not have to wait for Coindesk to write an article o crypto about what is happening in my country Uganda!

All I have to do is hope onto Leofinance and write about any crypto related news in Uganda.

The comparison of the article by Taskmaster and that of Coindesk shows that Coindesk no longer have the monopoly of crypto news and experiences.

On Leofinance anyone can post about their experience with business, crypto, blockchain, trading, etc.

I have been intrigued by the posts I saw posted on the Leofinace Defi section these last hours.

I have read and learned many people’s experiences with the different defi platforms like this post by @jerrythefarmer where he reviewed butterswap which runs on the Heco chain and can be the next Pancaskeswap!

Leofinance gives the average everyday person like Jerry above or me the ability to post about their real-life experiences in business, crypto, or any particular endeavor they are engaged in.

Concluding Thoughts

So whatever that can be decentralized will be decentralized whether we like it or not!

Leofinance gives everyone an opportunity to earn from writing about their crypto or blockchain-related experiences.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you posted of how you made a killing with Dogecoin and get rewarded for writing about that?

Let us not just preach about decentralization while not practising it!

I know most of us preach and don’t practice decentralization and we only end at buying tokens and that is it.

Let us amplify the decentralization voice by being actively involved by sharing our thoughts on decentralized networks like Leoffinance.

So if you are out there and want to take part in this decentralization experiment, sign up on Leofinance.

Sign Up on Leofinance

Signing up is easy as illustrated below.
It is all easy go to the LeoFinance website and click on Get Started

Select the method you want to use to open your account and any option you choose will help you create an account.

Remember to save the long password that you will be given to you as losing it means loss of your funds.

So why not join the journey to decentralize crypto news and experiences.

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