How To Earn Crypto Without Trading In Uganda

Have you ever wanted to learn how to earn crypto without trading in Uganda?

Are you intimidated by charts and think earning crypto is only through trading?

Would you love to invest in crypto but lack enough resources?

Do you love writing about sports, farming, gaming, technology, finance, food?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions then this post is for you.

In this post, I am going to show you a way you can easily join the trending crypto or bitcoin with little or no investment at all!

Hold on, you mean I can enter into crypto without using my own personal money? Yes, you can join the crypto space without money, read on.

I know you must have been hearing a lot about bitcoin or crypto, in general, these last few months or even years and you are still sceptical about dipping your toes in it!

I understand how you feel about not investing in bitcoin or crypto because maybe of past previous experience.

I am from Uganda and I have also witnessed many scams that have made people lose their hard-earned money.

If you are someone who follows finance or investment news then you should have heard that Onecoin is the biggest financial fraud scam in history

Image Source

You cannot be a Ugandan and not have heard or known someone scammed with Onecoin! There is no way you can be Ugandan without knowing Onecoin hahaha, just know that Onecoin was a Ponzi scheme and not a cryptocurrency

Btw as a consolation, Onecoin did not only affect Ugandans, but it also ravaged the whole world as detailed in this BBC Podcast titled the Missing Crypto Queen.

I know you might now be feeling sad because I am not unleashing the ways of how to earn crypto without trading and I just resurrect your bad memories with the Onecoin scam haha, I don’t mean to put you under more pain!

Take it slow, I have to first tell you what is not crypto and reassure you that cryptocurrency is not a scam.

I also know that you have the government tell us several times to stay away from cryptocurrency or bitcoin, what they are exactly saying is that keep away from crypto scams!!

The government does not have the time to educate people on what cryptocurrency and crypto-related scams are, so they just tell us to stay away from cryptocurrency!!

I will spend some time before unleashing the ways on how to earn crypto without trading trying to make you open-minded and not biased towards crypto in general.

By the end of this post with my guide, you will be able to earn your first $1 crypto by end of one or two weeks.

Let me talk about the latest crypto relate scam that ravaged the country before I talk of the ways on how to earn Crypto without trading.

The last big crypto relate scam I heard of was Dunamis coin which took off with almost $2.7M of unsuspecting users money in around late 2019!

So a brief of what crypto is and what it is now before I continue, basically crypto or cryptocurrency is a form of digital cash that enables people to transfer value in digital form!

Crypto can be transferred from one person to another, can also be used as a form of payment and is not issued by a central authority(government).

I know you might have read or heard that Tesla now accepts payment for their cars, there are many companies that accept crypto or bitcoin as a mode of payment

The key characteristic of crypto is that it is decentralised meaning not issued by a central authority like our Ugandan shilling.

You can read more about crypto by reading this post from Binance Academy

On the other hand, a crypt scam or Ponzi scheme is one that presents crypto as a business opportunity like Onecoin and Dunamis coin did!

Any crypto that comes disguised as a business opportunity or get rich scheme is a scam, take it from me!

Crypto is money kinda just like our mobile money and is not business!!

How To Earn Crypto Without Trading in Uganda

I think you have all waited for this moment and here it finally comes.

Now it is time to unleash the ways to make crypto, remember this is what I have been doing for the last 4 years or so you can check my profile here to confirm.

I am just like most of you, went to school searched for jobs and failed to get!!

So in essence I am an unemployed youth who has been earning crypto by posting on this social media.

I can assure you that almost 90$ of my income is from crypto.

Hold it, do you mean you can write posts earn crypto and convert it into Ugandan money, yes you can and I have done it for the last 4 years!

One of the questions that don’t miss whenever I talk about this earning crypto thing is how to withdraw the money.

I made a post a week ago on how and where you can buy and sell bitcoin and crypto in Uganda.

It is now easy to convert your earned crypto into UGX using either Binance or Yellow Card

How To earn crypto using Incentivized Social Media(Hive)

I know most of us are on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin and we share our posts and stories there daily!

Chances are high that you saw this post on one of your favourite social media, if you check at the end of this post below, it has a dollar value attached to it!!

Did you know that Facebook or Twitter or any traditional social media makes money from your data?

Every time you post yourself eating at Cafe Javas or KFC, Facebook shares that data with Cafe Javas or KFC notifying them that there is a user here who eats at your places.

What happens is that KFC now pays Facebook to advertise to people who ever visited them(you) to show you their recent recipes or promotions.

So basically that is how Facebook uses your data to rake in billions year in year out without you knowing.

With incentivized social media, you are paid or compensated for your data by posting on these sites.

The way on how to earn crypto without trading in Uganda without trading is through Hive, which is an incentivized social media that pays you for posting original content or even playing games.

Here on Hive, likes are called upvotes and they are the ones converted into money(UGX) later on.

You can post anything as long as it is original(yours), plagiarism is not entertained here, you can even earn by just interacting with others by commenting on their posts.

You can see from the image above that there are various topics being posted as shown by the titles.

You earn crypto called Hive which can be converted into Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other crypto that can finally be changed into local currency through exchanges like Binance and Yellow Card.

The hive blockchain is very big and accommodates all types of people as I will describe below.

You can write about sports, finance, medicine, science, gaming, share art and still be compensated.

It is easy to create an account on Hive, click on sign up and choose any method(free or paid) for sign up.

Follow the instructions especially the one of saving your password safe as it cannot be recovered!

If you are stuck on the sign-up process, inbox me on the social media you saw this post from.

I have a few VIP invite links and I can help you with the sign-up process after doing a simple interview, because I will be your personal mentor!

Post on Leofinance to earn crypto

Leofinance is a social media where you post about finance, economics, crypto and blockchain and earn Leo tokens.

This is great for people already in crypto, you can post about your crypto experience or anything related to crypto and earn.

So using Leofinance which is on Hive one of the ways on how to earn crypto without trading in Uganda.

Hive is the general social media and Leofinance is a subpart of Hive which is a social media for finance, crypto, banking, forex and business-related content only.

Signing up on Leofinance is very easy and free

Here is how to create a Leofinance account for free;

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on signup(get started)
  • Step 3: Pick a username(will identify you)
  • Step 4: Very important: back up your password because it can never be retrieved/recovered, saved it safely.
  • Step 5: Start blogging and enjoying Leofinance social media

Remember you only have to post the topics I mentioned above on Leofinance.

Post on Sports talk social to earn crypto

I know you might be saying that you have no idea about crypto or finance or banking to post on Leofinance, if you love sports you can still earn crypto from your content on Sports talk social.

Remember that Sports talk social is a social media for posting sports content, but it is also on top of!

Posting about football, soccer, Olympics, premier league or any sports content is another way on how to earn crypto without trading in Uganda.

If you created an account above on, you do not need to create another for Sports talk social or Leofinance.

One account can work all over Hive which is big as I said earlier, just like one Gmail account can give you access to Google Drive, Youtube, Google Meet, Google contacts, Photo etc.

So ideally one account is enough unless you want to have different accounts for different topics!

If you don’t feel comfortable using one account for posting finance topics and sports or health topics then you can create other accounts on these individual platforms.

Post on Natural Medicine to earn crypto.

You can also post about natural medicine and earn crypto.

Again the same account you created can be used to also post on Natural Medicine @naturalmedicine and earn crypto.

If you visit the Natural Medicine website which is also under the main website, you can see that you can post many things like plant medicine, herbalism, cannabis, fasting, mushrooms, CBD, permaculture and many other things.

This means that all the listed things above here can make you earn crypto on Hive.

There are really many ways on how to earn crypto without trading like posting even photos and playing games!

As I conclude on the ways on how to earn crypto without trading in Uganda, the most important thing is to sign up for an account on or on any other ones I have listed above.

After you have created an account, you can get in touch with me as I help you through your Hive journey as I help you earn your first crypto.

I also have VIP invite sign up links which I will give to a few people who I will personally mentor to earn their first crypto without trading.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the social media you saw this post on or contact me through this below.

Twitter on Jarau Moses
Facebook as Jarau Moses
Facebook Page Jarau Moses
Telegram as Jarau Moses
Instagram as Jarau Moses
Linkedin as Jarau Moses
Discord as jaraumoses#9507

Jarau Moses

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Originally published at on July 17, 2021.




Crypto Enthusiast and Influencer From Uganda

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Jarau Moses

Jarau Moses

Crypto Enthusiast and Influencer From Uganda

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