5 Must Know Hidden Features on Coinmarketcap

Are you looking for a crypto-related job?
Do you want to learn about crypto and earn?
Do you want to earn from legit airdrops?

If you answered yes to one or all of the questions above, then this post is for you.

Di you know that there are many hidden features on Coinmarketcap that could help you in the crypto journey?

If you have been in the crypto space for a long time now, then you probably know that Coinmarketcap has been a site we have been using majorly for checking the crypto prices and market cap and the related data.

I have realized that ever since Binance bought Coinmarketcap last April 2020, a lot of developments have been added to the site.

In this post, I will talk about the 5 must-know hidden features on Coinmarketcap that any crypto person can take advantage of.

The features are really many but I will concentrate on a few that stand out in my opinion, you can visit the site and discover more of your own.

5 Must Know Hidden Features on Coinmarketcap

Let me try as much as possible to go deeper into some of these features that will entice you to keep using Coinmarketcap apart from just using it for checking the price of your favourite meme or shit coin haha.

1. Coinmarketcap Has a Crypto Job Board

Did you know that you could find your dream job on Coinmarketcap? Yes, you have now known!

There are really many crypto job boards around which you can choose from and Coinmarketcap Job Board is one of them.

The job board is one of the hidden features on Coinmarketcap and can be accessed on URL jobs.coinmarketcap.com or you can hover your mouse over the products page on Coinmarketcap.

There are really many jobs posted here, you can create a profile on the website if you want or just browse the different jobs posted.

Should we say that Coinmarketcap is eating Linkedin lunch?
We all know that Linkedin has been in this job search field for a long time, but we are now seeing Coinmarketcap also tapping into that market.

Basically what Coinmarketcap is saying is that you do not need to leave Coinmarkectap to go and browse Linkedin especially if you are looking for a crypto-related job! How awesome.

The job board is so robust that it returns many results if you search for a specific job as I did here below for “blockchain Engineer”

So folks if you have been looking for a job, no more rush to go to Linkedin, just go to Coinmarketcap and search for that dream job.

Who knows, maybe you can get lucky and land yourself that job, why not do it now, but of course after reading this whole post hahaha.

2 . Learn About Crypto and Free Earn Crypto

Yes, you read that right!

Coinmarketcap offers an new or old person an opportunity to learn about crypto and also later earn after learning!

Okay, let me put it simply below as shown on the website.
They say a picture tells 100 or 1000 words!

So why not go and earn some crypto on Coinmarketcap Learn and Earn Page.

I just checked and there are currently no sponsored videos you can learn and earn from.

The ones available at the time of this writing don’t offer any rewards, nevertheless, you can still just learn hehe.

3. Free Airdrops

Who does not want free things in this world? The reason we bargain in shops is that we love free things, we try our level best to bring the price close to zero!

Free Airdrops is another hidden feature on Coinmarketcap that most people do not know about.

There are many free airdrop websites out there whereby most ain’t legit, but an airdrop on Coinmarketcap can make you know it is legit.

You can access the Free Airdrops by hovering over the calendar tab on the main page or directly going to Free Airdrops

This page shows all the ongoing, upcoming and ended airdrops supported by Coinmarketcap.

I have to admit that the competition is tight on these Airdrops as many applicants apply and only a few winners are chosen, but fuck it you don’t lose anything by trying out.

So folk why not go and try your luck on the ongoing and upcoming Airdrops on Coinmarketcap.

Btw I have earned over $400 from Airdrops alone this last year by just literally following a Twitter account, retweeting and maybe joining Telegram channels of the specific projects, I guess $400 is not bad money for just doing the bare minimum!

4. ICO Calender

Another of the hidden features on Coinmarketcap that many people do not know of is the Coinmarketcap ICO Calender

You might not know why this is an incredible feature, but for people who have been in the space for a long time remember how ICOs made people insane amounts of money in the 2017 bull run!

So basically an ICO-Initial Coin Offering is a way blockchain startups raise funds for their project without losing ownership of the project!

It just means that a startup presents its white paper(detailing all about the project) to the crypto space and ask for funding from people, the project then sends an equivalent of their project coins to the funder.

The ICO price is always at a low price so it is like you are an early investor in the project.

Some of the past ICOs have made over 100x returns.

So maybe this could be your breakthrough in crypto by investing in a promising crypto startup.

You need to remember that nothing in life is guaranteed and you can either make profits or losses in the ICO project so invest what you can afford to lose.

So you can go and check out the currently running ICOs on Coinmarketcap and try your luck hehe.

5. Crypto Academy

Have you wanted to increase your knowledge about blockchain or generally crypto, then Coinmarketcap is your learning place.

One of the hidden features of Coinmarketcap is it being a crypto knowledge hub

As you can see from the above image, the crypto academy caters for all types of knowledge.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning out in the crypto space or an advanced person already.

So if you want to increase your knowledge, you can do this by hovering over the Learn page on Coinmarketcap and choosing Alexandria or you can directly access it here

So folks these above are the hidden features on Coinmarketcap that most people don’t know about.

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Crypto Enthusiast and Influencer From Uganda

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Jarau Moses

Jarau Moses

Crypto Enthusiast and Influencer From Uganda

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